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Welcome to my personal webpage. I am Lecturer in Economics at Oriel and St Hilda's colleges at the University of Oxford. In this page, you will mostly find information about my academic activity. In broad terms, my research interests revolve around political economics, industrial organisation, and game theory. I am particularly interested in issue selection in political campaigns and timing in oligopoly games.


Brzeziński K., Uncertainty of Hot Topics in Electoral Campaigns and Issue Selection, [abstract]

Brzeziński K., M. Król, Cost-efficiency and endogenous Stackelberg leadership under uncertain demand, [abstract]


University of Oxford

  • ​Oriel College
    • Introduction to Economics (Michaelmas Term 2016, Hilary Term 2017)
    • Core Microeconomics (Michaelmas Term 2016)
    • Quantitative Economics (Trinity Term 2017)
    • Economics of Industry (Trinity Term 2017)
  • St Hilda's College
    • Econometrics (Michaelmas Term 2016)
    • Quantitative Economics (Trinity Term 2017)

University of Manchester

  • Mathematical Methods in Economic Analysis for postgraduate students, Lecturer and Teaching Assistant to Prof Horst Zank (Autumn 2015)
  • Teaching Assistant
    • Business Economics
    • The UK Economy—Microeconomics for Peter Backus and Noel Russell (Autumn 2013)

Warsaw School of Economics (Szkoła Główna Handlowa)

  • Macroeconomics II, Teaching Assistant to Prof Marek Góra

Curriculum Vitae

My CV (as of the spring of 2017) is available at brzezinski.pdf.


You can read my posts (in Polish) at Hummus Economicus, a blog summarising recent economic research to a wider audience. I translated several videos on introductory game theory for the Polish Khan Academy. I also wrote an article for the SGH student magazine 'Magiel' on climate change policy in 2011. You can also view my book ratings here and film ratings here.

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